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Forum helps organisations to develop their leaders, managers and sales teams to realise specific business objectives faster and more effectively. We are proud to provide award-winning, comprehensive training solutions backed by in-depth research to clients and around the world.
How can leaders close the "trust gap" with employees and
enhance engagement?

Download Forum's Global Leadership Pulse Survey Report to find out.
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Over 91 percent of employees we surveyed said it is highly important that they have a leader they can trust, yet 68% of employees in Europe, Middle East and Africa said they only trust their leaders to a moderate extent at best.. 

How does this disconnect impact employee engagement and business results? Download Forum's Global Leadership Survey: Driving Business Results by Building Trust to find out.

  • 7 mistakes leaders make leading to loss of employee trust
  • 7 pieces of advice from employees on how to earn their trust 
  • Different perspectives between leaders and employees
  • Insights from our global survey

Discover more about the Leadership Trust Gap discussed in the report in this infographic: The Leadership Trust Gap.